The Argument He Doesn't Know We Just Had

The Argument He Doesn't Know We Just Had

The other day I had a lengthy argument with Hubby. It was horrible. I said some crazy things, shook my head in disbelief repeatedly, and hmmfft and pffft A LOT. He, however, did not say a single word to me. He didn't argue AT ALL.  I know what you're thinking, "You go, girl! Way to win that argument. Leave that man speechless!". Such was not the case. Allow me to elaborate...

Now this is going to make me sound like a crazy person, but the reason he didn't argue was because he wasn't even involved. How, you ask? I had the argument in my head. Yep, he wasn't even in the same room with me when we were "arguing.".  It went like this: Hubby did/said something to piss me off and I stomped off to our bedroom. I started putting up some laundry and kept expecting him to follow me, ask what's wrong, say he was sorry, etc., etc. Only he never showed up, and that made me even more angry. I started saying pretty nasty things about how I'm his wife, dammit! Not his mother! If only he knew what it would be like to live without me. Who would get everything done? All he cared about was the DVR right now. Why didn't he put the curtain back the way I like it when he's done showering? And on and on I went about so many "issues" I had with him. After "getting it all out" I start to calm down and I start to apologize {still doing all this in my head, mind you} and admit that maybe I over reacted. And when all is said and done {in my head, of course}, I head back to the living room, sit next to Hubby and give him a kiss. Argument over. All the while, he's been oblivious to all the nasty things I just said to him.

Some of you ladies may know what I'm taking about. Right? Please say yes. Or else, I must be a little on the nutty side after all.
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