See The Things You Need To Know Before You Sleep With A Married Man

Why I slept with a married man, and what I learned

See The Things You Need To Know Before You Sleep With A Married Man

It is a norm these days for ladies to date married men for the financial benefits nd other benefits best known to them.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, cheating or getting yourself involved with a married person is just way too much trouble than it’s worth.

Some women are more likely to engage in affairs with married men but ladies, before you date these married men consider the below factors:
  • The only thing he wants from you is s3x, he comes and goes back home to his wife. after satisfying his s3xual urge.
  • He is never ever going to leave his wife for you, forget whatever he tells you.
  • You are most likely not the only one-side dish he is having outside his marriage.
  • You are not special, How could you possibly be special if she goes home to his married life after seeing you?
  • After using you, he will move onto someone new and fresh.
  • He doesn’t owe you anything and can leave you anytime he wants.
  • Getting pregnant on purpose won’t trap him, his kids are at home with his wife, so think again.
  • His money and properties are his and his wife’s, you only get a small balance and stipend out of it.
  • You will never be part of his future, no matter what he tells you.
So remember before you date that married man that there is certainly one guy out there will love you with everything he has and wants to make you his “one and only wife.

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