A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

When you're someone like me, someone who isn't afraid to speak up to others, to offer help to those in public who may need it; someone who isn't afraid to have a friendly chat in the cashier line, you get the chance to meet some interesting people.

     That being said, being a younger mom, out and about with two kids, I attract all kinds of attention. Some wanted, some comments I could really live without. However, the past 5 weeks, being solo with my kids, I've gotten to meet some of Miramichi's finest.

     One day at wal mart Ryker, Braelyn and I were wandering around picking up all of the things we needed, and along the way I must have dropped Ryker's hat from the cart. This lovely older gentleman handed the hat back to me, and began to talk to Braelyn about school and what she wanted for Christmas. For those of you that know Braelyn you know once she starts talking, it's hard for her to stop. This man did not look annoyed, he continued to ask her questions, he answered hers, and he was so very kind. It's all too often Braelyn will say something to strangers and they act as if she isn't even there. This little conversation this man had with Braelyn completely made her day, and it helped me teach her kindness to those who are kind back.

     Another incident was at Dairy Queen. We had all had a long day and we just wanted someone else to make supper, and Braelyn chose Dairy Queen. The kids were well behaved the whole time we were eating. Coming onto the end of our meal, Braelyn needed a napkin. Being the independent soul that she is, she went to get one. (I was right beside the counter for all those people gasping for air) And while she was at the counter she paid a lady there a nice compliment about her jacket. The lady smiled and said "well thank you" and that opened up the opportunity for dialogue. She commended me on raising a child who compliments strangers, and her husband gooed and gaad with Ryker. When we were finished our meal, I had the lovely task of cleaning the table up and getting the kids things all together. Braelyn helps me so much but as far as putting Rykers coat on and packing up his bag there's only so much she can go. After a little while I finally had the kids dressed and ready to leave when I looked at the table and remember, oh yeah, the trays. To my complete surprise the husband of the lady came back over, and he said ' you get now, I'll take care of this,  you worry about your kids '. Folks I'm not kidding when I say I left DQ with a tear in my eye. It's small little gestures like that, that could completely turn someones day around. Reaching out to someone who may need help but may not want to ask, could put a well needed smile on someones face.

     Before Remembrance day, I had explained to Braelyn about the veterans that served our country and what they gave up for us. I told her it was polite to thank them for their service when we give them money for our poppy's. When we walked into the grocery store one day, she spied the vet, sitting with his poppy's and she asked me for money for him. I gave her the money and away she went. I stood back as I watched her drop the money in the box, then look up at this well decorated veteran and utter the words 'thank you for your service'.  He thanked her, he shook her hand, and he gave her a candy that he had in his pocket. He looked at her and said 'kindness can change the world'. I will carry those words with me forever and I hope that she will too. He did not need to give her anything, he did not need to acknowledge her anymore than her donation, but he chose to.

     Today I was stuck in a sticky situation, and family friends came to my rescue. They didn't even hesitate when they were asked. Having Grattan gone when things go wrong is the thing I'm struggling with the most, and having people to rely on is a huge thing for me. These people who helped today, came well out of their way to help me and I am so very grateful! We need more people willing to help in the world, rather than people who ignore problems.

     I offer help to those in public who might need it. I helped an elderly man get a cart at the grocery store one day as it was jammed. He was having a hard time, and I had Ryker in my arms. When I got the cart out for him, he said that I had been the first person to offer help, and here I was with a baby in my arms. A little kindness goes a long way. So, my challenge to you is, be helpful. If you see someone who looks like they may need a hand, offer to help. The worst thing they could say is no. If they say no then you can carry on with your day, but if they accept the help, you may have just changed their whole day.

     The world we live in today is negatively driven. It's driven by hatred, segregation, racism, and not agreeing with those that think and act differently than us. We need to be that change we want to see. We need to be the helping hand, the gentle touch, the warm embrace, we want to see.

     Be the change you want to see. Always be helpful my friends, and always stay wandering.

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