How The Hacker Managed To Steal Nude Pictures Of Celebrities

When it comes to security, Apple is credited with being one of the best but yesterday a hacker managed to breach into Apple’s tight security cloud and got hold of hundreds of nude pictures of various celebrities. So how did the hacker managed to hack into their smartphones and steal so much data? Well let’s take a look.

Here Is How The Hacker Managed To Steal Nude Pictures Of Celebrities


By now all of you must have heard about how a hacker(s) stole explicit pictures of more than a 100 celebrities and posted them online. It is all over the news and I don’t think you might have missed that. So how is it possible to steal so much data and even those of famous people?

It all started when a hacker or hackers managed to get an email address of one of the celebrities. Although it could have been more than one at first.

The hacker then used a tool called iBrute. This tool which had been developed by “HackApp” was posted to GitHub and could be used by anyone.
Note: The person behind iBrute is not one of those people who hacked celebrity phones and leaked nude pictures.

The iBrute used an exploit in the “Find My iPhone” app which allowed it to keeping guessing the password of the user. What the major problem was; is that, the software could keep guessing the password as long as it didn’t find the correct one; “Find My iPhone” didn’t alert the person and didn’t stop after some guesses.

The iBrute used the top 500 passwords from the “RockYou” leak and used them on the iCloud accounts of various celebrities.

The screen shot below shows the iBrute successfully guessing a password after multiple attempts.

Once one of the celebrities iCloud account was hacked, then the entire process got easy. As each celebrity has contact details of other celebrities, then getting email addresses of other famous people was pretty simply.

By simply repeating the process any hacker or hackers got steal nude pictures of many celebrities.

Although iBrute being used in this hacking of various celebrities has not been directly linked, but it is one of the major suspects. It is thought that a modified version of iBrute was used to leak hundreds of nude pictures of celebrities.

Apple today patched the exploit used in the iBrute software, so those of you who were getting worried about their data being stolen can breathe a sigh of relief. But it is always a good option to choose a stronger password with multiple uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers.

Apple declined to comment on the nude celebrity hack being linked with this iCloud exploit. More here
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