Take the Picture

Take the Picture

Lately there has been a viral post travelling the web, proclaiming to men to take pictures of their wives/significant others/partners while they are with their kids. As an avid picture taker myself, I can see this post from two sides.

     The first side is my photographer hobby side. I love being behind the camera. I love capturing candid moments of my family, and looking over the pictures from the day before bed. I love printing out my own photos and having personal pictures up on our walls. It's very important to me to have memories embedded in photo albums and in frames. I'm a strong believer that having actual pictures to hold and touch is much more sentimental than scrolling through an album on social media. Although, my facebook albums allow me to share my special moments with my family that is far away.

     Not only do I take pictures, but I've started with videos as well in the past few years with our video camera. I have fond memories of watching old family videos, and I want my kids to be able to do the same thing. I want them to be able to sit down and relive their happy moments, and moments that happened that they may have missed. I think its important to instill a sense of family in your kids when they're young and teach them the importance of spending time with your loved ones.

     Recently, I had seen a post from a woman, who had a friend who passed away. It turns out, this woman's family had very few pictures of her, since she was always the one behind the camera. The family had to reach out to friends to get pictures of the woman. This got me thinking. How many pictures am I in? How many candid photos are there of me in our photo albums? So, I checked. Besides our family pictures we get done by the amazing Tracy Waye Kelly, the pictures of me and the kids are few and far between. Then, the pictures that we do have of me and the kids, I asked for the picture to be taken.

     I love our professional pictures, they are gorgeous and capture my family beautifully. but I love the unexpected pictures. I have a ton of pictures of our family with the kids, and our family being around each other. I take pictures of my friends, and my fellow mama's who I know what to be remembered by their kids.

     So, ladies. I have a challenge for you to pass onto your men. I want you to challenge them to a picture off. See who can capture the most memories in a week. have some sort of system for the winner. The loser does the dishes, or laundry, or cooks supper. Challenge them to see who can take the nicest pictures, do something to make it fun! I believe everyone should be in pictures, don't worry about what you look like, don't worry about your hair, just enjoy the moments you're living with your family. Photo's end up being all we have eventually, so take lots, and enjoy them when you re-live the memories by looking at them.

     Take the picture guys. Stay humble, and always be kind.

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