Unconditional Love, Loving Without Logic

Unconditional Love, Loving Without Logic

Tonight I want to discuss unconditional love. This type of love is usually found between parents and their children, between life partners and even pets! I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally! Tonight is a big thanks to them. 

     Unconditional love is sometime defined as 'complete' love, or love without limits. So, first I'm going to talk about my parents. My parents aren't usually a topic I blog about, however they are key parts of my life, and they are very much involved in my life; there are just some things a person likes to keep to themselves. Over the past 24 years I have watched my parents give up things, to make sure I had what I wanted. I've watched them beam with pride over my achievements. I'm alright with admitting that I was a hard on the head teenager. I caused my parents grief that they didn't need, and they loved me through it. If I can speak honestly, I like to think my parents handled my teen years flawlessly. They loved me through it all. They lost their patience and they were at their wits end countless times, but I NEVER once felt like my parents didn't love me. I've had friends who have had falling outs with their parents, and they haven't spoken to their parents because they've been shut out. I can't imagine in my life my parents ever shutting me out, and as a parent I can't imagine ever doing that to my kids. I am thankful that I have parents that love me for me, and not based on what I can do for them. 

     Every so often in life, you are blessed with friends, that should have been family. I have those friends. I have friends that show me unconditional love. They all do it in different ways which is what I need. I have the friend that tells me what I need to hear. I have the friend that defends me even when I'm wrong, and I have the friends that are fantastic at listening and letting me cry. All of my friends that I consider my best friends ( you all know who you are ) have seen me at my lowest point, and they've watched me learn from my mistakes. They've seen me at my proudest moments and they smiled right along with me! I love my friends with my whole heart. They have patience when I'm not around much because I'm busy with my little family, and they're there when I can come around. Even though I might not hear from them, or vice versa, I know they love me, and that's a very comfortable feeling. 

     Being a young adult, I have had relationships. I've had first loves, big loves, and loves that was shorter than a goldfishes attention span. Now, I have the honor of sharing my life with someone who loves me unconditionally. Grattan sees me for who I am. He sees the insecure girl, but the independent woman who wants to stand on her own two feet. He sees the silly, bubbly, all about fun girl, who can be as serious as a heart attack the next minute. He sees all my little quirks, the things that make me who I am; and he loves me regardless. In return I love him the same way. I see his temper, but I also get to see a side of him that no one else gets to. I get to watch him with his kids, and see what an amazing person he really truly is. I love him unconditionally. I was talking recently with someone about the types of love we have with our partners, and I feel so sorry for people that don't get to experience this kind of love. Grattan and I support each other, even though we are 4,258 kilometers apart. It's amazing to have someone to love me, even when I'm in a funk and I can't pull myself out of it, he can. When he's in a bad mood, I'm there to cheer him up. 

     Lastly let's talk about my charlee girl! Charlee is our family dog. She's a year old and a border collie. She's at the door to greet me every time I come home, regardless of how long I've been gone. I think it's important part of growing up for kids to have pets, to see how they can love something so much. Charlee is fantastic with both our kids and she's ready to run when Ryker is crying because she thinks she can help! The unconditional love between a family and their pet is one like no other! 

     People need unconditional love in their lives. If they're surrounded by people who only love them based on what they can do, or how much they do, I personally don't think that's any way to live. If you have people in your life that love you without conditions let them know you appreciate it, and if you love someone that way, ,tell them! It's always nice to hear! 

     Stay wandering my friends, and always be kind.

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