10 Creatures that exist only in fairy tales

Fairy tales is an imaginary world without limits. Beings who exist in a utopian world of fairy tale is an creatures too strange and sometimes does not occur to the human mind. Many stories or fairy tales that become legend.

10 Creatures that exist only in fairy tales

Some people have argued that the creature really existed, and several times appeared like a yeti, bigfoot or lochness monster “Nessie”. What are the creatures that exist only in fairy tales? Here are 10 list.

10. Centaur

Centaur is a creature who commonly encountered in Greek mythology and only present in the story or fairy tale. Centaur is half man half horse. Centaur often appeared in Hollywood movies such as Narnia, Harry Potter, and other television series like Hercules. Centaur is not only male but there are also female centaur. Centaur figures usually become strong and powerful warrior.

9. Yeti

Yeti is a creature that supposedly lives in the snowy Himalayas, or known as a snowman. No one has reported seeing or meeting with the yeti, yeti conclusion that only exists in stories or fairy tales. Yeti creature described as a big snowman, hairy and scary. Yeti are usually told to scare naughty children and the disobedient.

8. Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster is a legendary Scottish creature whose existence is still not known with certainty. Loch ness monster legend often appeared to be preached for the first time in 1933 at the lake Loch Ness, Highlands, Scotland. Loch ness monster, known as “Nessie” is a creature similar to a long-necked dinosaur or a dragon or snake that is often seen only a head and neck.

7. Big Foot

Big foot is also a cryptid creature (in Greek it means secret or hidden) that exists only in fairy tales or stories or just a legend. Bigfoot is said to live in the forest which is described as being a big, hairy, ape-like, act like humans and sometimes attack humans. Bigfoot has a height of approximately 2 to 3 feet, weighs 250 kg with a body covered with thick fur or dark brown. Bigfoot is told to live in areas of North America and reportedly seen in the 1950s.

6. Satyr

Satyr is a creature in the mythology of ancient Greek society and exist only in stories or fairy tales. Satyr is described as being half man and half goat. There is also the head and hairy like a goat’s horn. Only has two legs with the soles of the feet of goats. Satyr is described as being a shy, cowardly, and likes to make trouble.

5. Vampires and Dracula

Vampires and Dracula is a creature that exists in fairy tales, stories or movies. Dracula is the mythology of Europe (Romania) are popular after the 18th century while the vampire is a living mythology around the world. Known as the undead vampire in 1897 by novelist Bram Stoker introduced a new vampire known as Dracula. Vampires and Dracula both suck blood, afraid of the sun and equally ruthless. Dracula tend to live alone and happy to tell anyone to sleep in a coffin, Dracula is more ancient appearance with a black cloak and sharp canine teeth. While vampires live in groups or colonies and looks more like human beings are like Edward Cullen in the film trilogy and the novel Twilight.

4. Mermaids

Mermaids are creatures that exist only in stories or fairy tales. Mermaid is described as being the top of the water with a human female, long hair and the waist down bodied fish. Mermaids is a popular mythological creatures around the world. Many sailors who claimed to have seen mermaids. Mermaids and told often appeared to be a girl and live completely on land with a handsome prince, though in life they lived happily under the sea and the eternal. Mermaids are also told there is a male as the sea god, Neptune.

3. Dragon

Many children who ask the parents whether the Dragon are exist or not. The dragon is a mythological creature that exists only in fairy tales or stories. It is said that dragons popular in the European tradition, the ancient Greek mythology, fairy tales Middle East, the culture of China, Japan, Korea and other Asian regions. Mythology, dragons have been around 4,000 years ago. The dragon is described as a large snake that can fly, have legs, claws, wings and pulled out the fire. In some tales the dragon can talk like a human. Sometimes portrayed as evil monsters, sometimes described as a pet that is obedient to his master. In Chinese culture the dragon is a symbol of courage and heroism that are considered as protective.

2. Pegasus

Pegasus is the ancient Greek mythological creature that exists only in fairy tales or stories. Pegasus Depicted as a winged horse that can fly, sometimes described white or gold. Pegasus is described as the son of Poseidon (sea god of Greek mythology) and Medusa (woman with the snake crown on the head). Pegasus described as being a good and a warrior Bellerophon riding against the Chimera. Pegasus became a symbol of courage, wisdom, goodness and truth. Pegasus is often the inspiration of the artists in their works such as paintings, sculptures or monuments and some even use it for the company logo.

1. Unicorn

Unicorn is a creature that exists only in fairy tales or stories. Unicorn mythology of European legendary mare described as gentle and kind hearted. All agree that the unicorn is a creature from a fairy tale kind. Unicorn is described as a shining white horse with long hair and beautiful and has a long horn on the forehead. It is said that unicorns live wild in nature, because of its beauty unicorn supposedly hunted by man and can only be captured by a girl. Unicorn is told to have the strength, symbol of purity and can cure the disease.
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