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Terms of Service

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PanduanMeta is a website that discusses technology advancements, tutorials, tips and inspirational ways, and several other categories. The pages contained in this website are written based on the experience, knowledge and opinions of the author. Some articles may be rewritten from other sources with different grammar.

By visiting the 
PanduanMeta blog, you agree to the following conditions:
. :: You agree not to copy paste (COPAS) articles in the 
PanduanMeta blog without the permission of the owner of this blog.
. :: The image content in 
PanduanMeta is an image that is freely distributed and modified. If you find an image of yours that has copyright and is published on this blog without permission, please contact us through Contact Us, we will be happy to delete it.
. :: You agree not to take actions that interfere with comfort, such as providing SPAM comments, and other actions that can interfere with the comfort of 
PanduanMeta and its readers.
. :: You agree not to click on ads on the 
PanduanMeta blog repeatedly.

If there are violations of the TOS committed by users of 
PanduanMeta, then we as blog owners have the right to take a variety of actions that are needed, for example removing SPAM comments, blocking computer IP's, or other actions.